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Trails Church Membership

A church, as the gospel teaches it, is nothing without committed individuals who submit to one another, serve one another, disciple one another and are accountable to one another.


We are unified with each other in truth and in love, and it is because of this that we embrace the truth of the methods by which we are charged to structure the Church, and we love each other by our faithfulness to the headship of the Church, Jesus Christ, as He ordained it.

Whether we call it "covenant community", or "membership" or any other title, the establishment of a covenant commitment between Church members and leaders is the precondition for the very existence of the Church. Without affirmed commitments, the structure and disciplines of the Church, as scripture teaches it, seizes to function.


As such, we serve, bless and disciple our visitors and regular attendees. As individuals and families are lead, we offer covenant membership opportunity for those who call Trails Church home to begin to play an integral role within our community. Our new members represent Trails Church and begin their own journeys of servanthood, discipleship and leadership of their own. As the church membership grows, our community develops a greater pool of resources to not only edify one another but also to resource our community with hands and feet to reach the lost and preach the gospel truth about Jesus Christs saving grace.

So you want to become a member

Thanks for your interest in leveraging your life to make Jesus known with us. We are SO PUMPED that you are here and want to join our Church family on this journey. We are looking forward to exploring this opportunity with you!

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Enrolling in Trails Church Covenant Membership

Scan the QR code to browse on your mobile device.

This registration is for those who would like to move forward in their continued commitment to Trails Church by enrolling in the membership process and becoming a more integral part of our church community. Click the button below to enrol in our membership.

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Church Center App

Download Church Centre and find Trails Church membership registrations and more!


We have some fancy tools to help make engaging with members online as slick and easy as possible. Click the links below to download the Church Center app for a full service Trails Church smart phone experience.

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