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As we see throughout the Bible, when someone becomes a Christian by believing upon the gospel and repenting of their sins, one of the first things that Jesus commands us to do in order to demonstrate our faith is to be baptized as it displays the gospel and gives us an opportunity to publicly profess our faith in Jesus. In the act of baptism, we demonstrate that we have become united to Jesus and to His people.

By being baptized, the individual is saying to the local church, “As far as I can tell, this is a faithful Christian Church that is grounded on God’s Word.” Likewise, the church assesses the individual’s profession of faith to affirm that it is, as far as they can tell, credible. In effect, the church is saying, “We have heard your testimony and examined your life and believe that, as far as we can tell, you are a Christian.”

Thus, when someone is baptized at The Trails, they are also entering into membership with our church body, asking the other members to help disciple them into maturity and correct us when necessary.

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We have some fancy tools to help make signing up for baptism as slick and easy as possible. Click the links below to download the Church Center app for a full service Trails Church smart phone experience.

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