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Small Groups

Small groups exist to make disciples through Bible study, community, and mission as we share our lives and the gospel with one another and with those we know who are exploring Christianity. These groups are one of the primary ways by which we make disciples at The Trails. After the weekend gatherings, engaging in a small group and getting to know other Christians in your area is the most important next step for every member and guest so that we can know, and be known, by one another.

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Browse our small groups to see which one is a fit for you!

Click the button below to find a list of all our active small group meetings. Sort or filter them by group attributes like meeting frequency, start times, regular potlucks and more.

Scan the QR code to browse on your mobile device.

Note: Due to unique limiting factors for each small groups hosting capacity, not all groups will be open for requests to join. All groups will be visible to browse. If there's a closed group that fits your needs, you can always contact the leader and inquire about potential opening opportunities in the future.

Small Group Startup

At Trails Church, we strive to provide opportunities for our church community to gather throughout the week in small groups. As our church grows, our small groups fill up so we are always looking for individuals or married couples to lead and host new small groups.


Anyone can open their door to familiar faces and hangout for an evening, and we love and encourage close, tight knit relationships. But as representatives of Trails Church, in a leadership capacity, there are a number of attributes that make Trails Church Small Group leaders stand out.


As we grow our Small Group repertoire, we are always looking for individuals who, though they may not naturally possess each of the following traits to its fullest, are fully committed to embracing these values for the groups they lead. We aren't looking for "qualification" so much as commitment.

  • Passion for community & discipleship

  • Inclusive to new, unfamiliar members

  • Committed to a safe & private environment

  • Empathetic listener

  • Effective communicator

  • Enthusiastic study facilitator

  • Engaged in Trails Church leadership training classes

  • Hospitable host

  • Adaptive to change & use of supplied resources

  • Ambassador of Trails Church vision & mission

What makes a great

Small Group



If you're interested in starting a Small Group of your own and you're excited to embrace these traits to foster a healthy Small Group environment, click the button below to apply for and register your own Small Group.

Scan the QR code to apply on your mobile device.

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Church Center App

Find our Small Groups (and more) on Church Centre


We have some fancy tools to help make finding small groups as slick and easy as possible. Click the links below to download the Church Center app for a full service Trails Church smart phone experience.

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