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Looking for a biblical counsellor and needing some support in your life? We're here to help. Trails church is thrilled to be offering free 30 minute counselling sessions with one of our in house biblical counsellors. Mel Neufeld is a professional, biblical counsellor with The Gospel Care Collective. She has very graciously offered her expertise as an invaluable service for our church members.

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FREE 30 Minute Sessions

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Mel Neufeld

Biblical Counsellor

My counseling approach is holistically based, clinically informed, and reliant on scripture. Walking the path of healing can be like entering a dark forest without knowing the way through or what you will encounter at the end. It can be scary, but it is not a walk we need to take alone. It is my honor as a biblical counselor to walk this path alongside others in their brokenness and suffering as we go towards Christ and the healing the gospel brings. I have a heart to walk alongside women who have been abused, sexually assaulted, suffer from perinatal and postpartum mental health struggles, infertility, trauma, anxiety, depression, divorce, abortion grief, and pornography addiction.

I am certified through the Association of Biblical Counselors. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Manitoba majoring in music, with additional studies in the areas of psychology and biology. I am currently pursuing my Master of Arts in Biblical Counselling at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have a desire to see biblical counseling become a common part of how the church ministers to God's people here in Canada. I live in Winnipeg with my two toddlers, husband, and 5 sweet embryos waiting their turns to come home. In my free time when I am not studying for school or counseling, I enjoy playing with my daughters, drinking a good cup of coffee with a friend, reading, and going for walks my wonderful husband.

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