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Membership Covenant Renewal

To obtain, sign and submit your membership renewal document, please proceed with the following 3 steps below. Once you have uploaded your signed and dated Membership Covenant document, one of our leaders will follow up with your application. Thank you for your interest in joining our Church family.

If you are not already a member but you're considering becoming a member, we would love to chat more about that with you. To start the process of new membership enrolment, Click on the link below and complete the form.

Update My New or Existing
Membership Status


Download a copy of the Membership Covenant document.


Sign and date your document with an online eSignature tool.

Note: If eSignature's aren't your forté, you can print your document, sign and date it with a pen, scan it and proceed to step 3 for upload.


Upload the signed and dated copy of your Membership Covenant.

Note: Be sure the file name does not include any spaces or special characters besides underscores. The file will upload without fail but will be inaccessible to our admins.

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