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Ministry Background Checks

At Trails Church, we strive to ensure our employed and volunteer workers offer the safest possible environments that parents can have full confidence to which they send their kids. For this reason, we have implemented a multitude of staff/volunteer safety screening procedures and prerequisites.

Trails Church abides by all local legal requirements pertaining to child care operations and implements personnel screening and background check initiatives for those working closely with our vulnerable sector.

Please Note:  Police Criminal Records Checks (PCRC) are not sufficient for the purposes of working with minors. It must be a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC). This record check includes the Child Abuse Registry Check (CARC) so there is no need to submit one separately. All record checks must either be produced by the Winnipeg Police Service (for Winnipeg residents) or the RCMP/Police department in your RM (for residents outside Winnipeg).


If you have an existing PVSC produced within the last 3 years from a police department with jurisdiction in the location you currently reside, you may submit a copy of it in lieu of obtaining a new one. Record checks older than 3yrs are deemed "expired" for our use and will not be accepted. A fresh PVSC will be required for submission in this case.

Required background check documentation

  • Background Check Consent Form

  • Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)

Please closely follow each step below:

  1. To start, we need your written consent to collect this information. Click on the following link to download our consent form and fill it out: Download Consent Form

  2. Obtaining records checks:

    • Winnipeg Residents: if you currently reside in Winnipeg, visit the online Winnipeg Police record check application portal here to submit your PVSC application: Winnipeg PVSC Application

    • Non Winnipeg residents: if you currently reside outside of Winnipeg, please call your local Police department for their specified instructions on how to obtain a PVSC from them. If your local Police department is an RCMP office, they may require a letter from Trails Church referencing your name. If so, please respond to this email, request your letter and we will be sure to produce one for you.

  3. Once you have received the results of your PVSC, please submit it along with the rest of the required documentation listed in the form: Background Check Document Upload Form

  4. Lastly, If you have had to pay for your record check out of pocket, please submit your receipts from your record check with the following form for a full refund here: Record Check Refund Form


Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.



Trails Church Safety Committee

Aaron Boswell (Elder)

​Matt Woodmass (Elder, Youth Ministry Leader)

Chris Wold (Elder)

Katrina Rempel (Children's Ministry Leader)

Doug Rempel (Operations Administrator)

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