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Katrina Rempel

Trails Kids Lead

East Kildonan has a few hidden gems, but the greatest gem they ever produced is Katrina. Katrina first started serving with Trails Kids in April 2023 as a Youth Intern and demonstrated such a love and concern for the kids and parents of The Trails in her leadership that, when the position came available to serve as the Trails Kids Lead, she was a shoe-in. She serves alongside of our parents to create systems and structures that partner with our parents in planting seeds of the gospel in their little hearts and in discipling our kids that have become Christians. Katrina graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a degree in Education. She has also worked as a teacher for 5 years and brings that amazing experience.

Katrina is never not caring for children, whether her own or others. You might say it’s a divine gifting from the Lord. Katrina and her husband Doug are a tag team staff duo at the Trails. Sunday Service takes on a whole new meaning for the two of them, being on staff; not only caring for the Church but for their happy-go-lucky, busy body daughter, Josie. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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